Monday, October 11, 2010

We're finally back in your lives and ready for action!

Hey gang

It's been a ridiculously long while, but uni happens when you're not looking and the internet needs to be the first thing to go. So here we are, back again and gearing up for a whole new season of zines.

I'm proud to announce a mass amount of newbies, a list of which will be posted a little later on this week, and hopefully rouse your excitement about a couple of our upcoming dates.

Saturday 16 October ELECTRIC LAKE

YEAH! We'll be there selling zines, looking cool and holding umbrellas in ponchos if the weather does not permit for our paper-loving nature.

Get excited and please bring coins, no one does anymore and it's killing me to keep going into the bank like an old shop-keeper asking for more 50c coins the day before these dos.

Also, check out our new lovely little logo from Melbourne wonder-artist Mel Stringer up the top.

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