Monday, February 8, 2010


So, I don't about everyone's summer holidays, but I do know that Canberra tradition involves escaping entirely and coming home to brag about whichever far away place(s) you went to, going to the coast a lot, or staying at home and whingeing about how boring this place we call home can be. Luckily for everyone (and I mean everyone),
Stella-Rae Zelnik took a different approach to the 40C heat and decided to piece together the final parts of a long term zine project, and she's bringing it our way. 

At 21, Stella-Rae is in her 3rd year of photography, and was looking for a nice little something to do throughout the year. Stella says:
"The zine blossomed when I was looking though a few local artists. I was so impressed with what I was seeing. The quality that was out there was mind blowing. All this stuff just sitting there on the internet. doing nothingNowdays its totally “Ok, next lot!” you know like its always go! go! go! I love the idea of a hard copy, something you can take home a read or just sit it on your coffee table.…So to go about this the easiest way was to do a little zine.. Nothing massive.. But then my ideas got bigger with what I wanted to include. And started making friends with people from out of state, and also out of Australia, so I thought I would add them in, maybe make it a bit more worldly". 

And now, WE ARE NOT OBSCENCE ZINE is making it's entry into the world. On the music front we have contributions from the likes of Three Oh Sees (San Francisco), Straight Arrows, The Scare and more...Photography is busted open by Joe Brock, Raine Turnbull, Luke Brown, Bohie Palacek and Stella-Rae herself, and tasty tidbits from skater Chris Haslan and local writer Martin Fleming. 

Come to Bar 32 on Thursday 11th February to get your mitts on a copy (it's only $6!) and catch local bands Beat Hotel, Assassins 88 and Killing Birds. It's on from 8pm suckers. 

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