Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BITCH PLEASE (aka I am really excited)

Why hello there. Hi. Hello.

I'm as giddy as a kitten about to be introduced to its new family. I have a kitten called Violet, see here.. she's so cute sometimes I forget to study and just chase her around and annoy her. That's the thing about cats, they never love us as much as we love them.

I like to think this is Violet's "bitch please" moment. Which brings me back to the original point of this post.

Next weekend is the opening of the latest NGA exhibition, Space Invaders: Australian Street Stencils Posters Paste-ups Zines Stickers. Read that second last word again my friends. Dear old NGA are not only throwing this sure-to-be-excellent exhibiton from 30 October 2010 - February 2011, they're also opening up their foyer and letting the zine stalls flood in on opening weekend.

So please come along and check out all the new zines we have and all the other sellers from around the nation. It will be EXCELLENT. Read EXCELLENT. 11am - 4pm.

If you have any last minute zine contributions you'd like us to take along, email us at littlebeatszines@gmail.com. All fan mail for Violet can also be forwarded to this address.

xx Little Beats

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Postponed Electric Lake

Ahoho well as soon as my quick fingertips hit 'publish post' on Monday the clouds opened and decided to give Canberra an almighty dump.

Electric Lake II is offically postponed until Saturday November 13.

I'm sure your parents told you this as a child trying to dry your hair in the bathtub, but to reiterate, electricity (of amps etc) and water do not mix. Neither does mud and zines, so it's all really quite relieving news from our end.

All the more time to collect those beloved pennies.

xx LB

Monday, October 11, 2010

We're finally back in your lives and ready for action!

Hey gang

It's been a ridiculously long while, but uni happens when you're not looking and the internet needs to be the first thing to go. So here we are, back again and gearing up for a whole new season of zines.

I'm proud to announce a mass amount of newbies, a list of which will be posted a little later on this week, and hopefully rouse your excitement about a couple of our upcoming dates.

Saturday 16 October ELECTRIC LAKE

YEAH! We'll be there selling zines, looking cool and holding umbrellas in ponchos if the weather does not permit for our paper-loving nature.

Get excited and please bring coins, no one does anymore and it's killing me to keep going into the bank like an old shop-keeper asking for more 50c coins the day before these dos.

Also, check out our new lovely little logo from Melbourne wonder-artist Mel Stringer up the top.