Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Spring fling and random acts of kindness

Ahh spring time. It's suddenly warm, girls stop wearing stockings, men shape their beards into moustaches, more and more bicycles can be seen, and the air is filled with a million varieties of blossom and other seeds to make you sneeze your brains out into a tissue. Perfect time to launch Little Beats? I like to think so.

Yesterday, while delightfully springlike, was possitively shit. Lately I've been receiving a lot of parcels (having five days of the flu and no parcels last week has been a bit of a downer) and with the Little Beats launch being next Friday, or as I like to think about it, really fucking soon, I've been more stressed than a high flying economist called Chuck working on Wall Street. So many zines to wait on, so little time, etc etc. These first world problems dragged my spring spirit to the gutter yesterday.

When I arrived to my local cafe last night and realised they had no tea I wanted (seriously what tea house is out of five varieties!?) I was so angry. God I was angry. I just wanted to push over a table and scream obscenities right then and there. And I would have, had Gemma not arrived in time. Thankfully she was prompt and laden with parcels. MORE Dilettantes; a delightfully packed parcel all the way from Dublin and the ladies of BabyBEEFheart and the Nicholas Chalmers pack...

It was incredibly well wrapped, almost too well wrapped, but thanks to this creative gent I spent the next hour of tea popping bubble wrap under the table while thoughtfully saying "yeah, of course... oh totally... I understand.. You can't sweat it Gem" and other phrases of deep meaning. Our poster also got some prime real estate at afore mentioned cafe, which is someone to smile about. (It's at Essen... infront of all the empty jars of tea.)

After passing on my internet pearls of procrastination wisdom to Gemma I got home only to find one giant box filling up my entryway, all the way from New York and stuffed full of Wooooo mags. They cost me a fair bit, let's say at least three gallery visits on a pending trip to Europe; and they have finally arrived. The highlight and initial reason for writing this rambling post is to say thanks Wooooo friends for not only packing it so nicely, but also for including one of your t-shirts. On my looming European cold-as-hell nights, I hope it will keep me warm. God know's Keifer's nut sack won't.

What will Little Beats give you for free? A nice paper bag for your purchases. Gemma might offer you a hug but I probably won't. Do I look like one of those putzes in the street wearing a sign saying "free hugs"? Don't answer that if you were going to say "yes". We'll also give you some of our free zines. Sure we'd like you to buy some, but if you don't we'll just remember you as stooges and point you out viciously on the street and push you off your bike; because we're those kind of people.

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