Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pretty little pictures and other things to bust your head open

A lot has happened in the past week to make Gemma and I very excited. One thing that always gets me excited is top fives. Generally my top fives can be about anything and always relate back to High Fidelity (fuelling my love of Nick Hornby and John Cusack) but a top five of Little Beats updates is certain to get my heart palpitating way more than a morning coffee ever could*. So here we go...
1. We have a launch party and a wild old party to partake in. Little Beats is coming into the world as part of Grass Stains 2 at itrip iskip on Friday 30 October. Keep your eyes peeled for more deets.

2. I met with two lovely artists last week that are donating their time and talent to Little Beats:
George Edwards is a local lady, who if you don't know, you should try to. She draws magical animals, amongst other things and is seriously lovely. George is making the posters you'll be seeing around town real soon.
Ben Wright is from Melbourne and draws pictures that could make you jitter until the cows come home. As it happens I don't have any cows, but I jitter away nonetheless. Ben is illustrating our business cards (aren't we the young professionals!) and website images. When they're up, I hope you jitter along too.

3. The amazing letterbox at my new abode is so well designed that when it rains and hails like it did earlier in the week, your future zines are not damaged. Whoever designed it is a construction genius.

4. About 90% of the zines have arrived. I keep getting them out and spreading them around on my floor each night, a mechanism for harnessing my excitement.

5. To get you in on the hype, I've taken some pictures for you to have a look at...

I'm not sure what it is I like about Dilettantes and the Heartless Manipulator the most; it could be it's pocket size, or the unforgettable mouthful of a name it carries, maybe the musical odysseys each issue takes you on, but I think I love it most because it's totally free. Spurzine also makes D90; a zine totally dedicated to the world of cassettes.

This assortment comes from Sydney's tinypaperhearts and are all rather addictive. So far Newdel and Rose (middle, top row) takes my prize for favourite, but I need to give the others a read.

Of course we're not going to show you what's in the flaming red envelopes**, but I've had a sneak and can confirm Dollzine's excellence.

These zines hold a special place for Little Beats, as they were the first we ever received. Ex.a.sketch is a bunch of Adelaide's creatives who get together every now and then, scribble their hearts out for an evening and create this zine.

This novel sized number is one to really get excited about. All the way from NYC, comes Wooooo Mag (that's five o's). Learn all about Keifer Sutherland's testicular heroin addiction, everything that rhymes with Jerry Hsu, and put it down only when you're completely broken from laughing or crying. Both are totally acceptable.
*The top five has not been ranked from most exciting to least exciting or vice verca. It's all pretty exciting.
** Could be a howler from Mrs Weasley.
*** I promise to find a word to replace my overuse of 'exciting/excited/excitement etc etc. I'll also stop making starred footnotes.
Okay, well, it's time to accept defeat and do some work for the day. More tasty morsels to come***. Have a lovely weekend friends x

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